Although Barock Obama has tried to craft an image of himself as a post-partisan leader, the truth is Obama has a record in both the Illinois Senate and U.S. Senate as a reliable partisan vote on the core issues that separate the two parties. 

He’s never shown any interest in working to advance anything that might offend the liberal base such as school choice, welfare reform, protection of the unborn, second amendment rights, etc.His voting record reflects a reliable, consistent and very typical liberal.

Contrast that with John McCain’s record. Indeed, one of McCain’s chief problems in the primaries came because he was perceived by some as not being partisan enough.

No one has ever accused Obama of that.

Take a look at some of Obama’s key votes in the Illinois Senate:

  • Obama opposed legislation to de-criminalize individuals who use a firearm in self-defense to protect themselves or their families from a home invader. (SB 2165);
  • Obama sponsored a massive liberalization of state welfare benefits in 2003, including repealing the “family cap” – thereby allowing welfare recipients to receive additional taxpayer-paid support simply for having additional children while on welfare. (HB 3023);
  • Obama also supported legislation to give welfare recipients state vehicles at bargain-basement prices. (SB 812);
  • Obama voted against a major gang crime bill (HB 1812) in May, 2001. The measure would have increased penalties for crimes committed in furtherance of gang activity;
  • In 1999, Obama opposed the state’s Education Tax Credit (SB 1075), which allowed parents of both public and private school students to receive a tax credit for education-related expenses;
  • Obama’s anti-gun positions have extended to recreational users – voting against letting law abiding persons use a firearm on a shooting range without having to have a Firearms Owner Identification (FOID) Card, even though they are supervised by someone over the age of 21 who does have a FOID Card (SB 1936);
  • Obama’s anti-gun position is so extreme, that he opposed giving domestic violence victims a stronger legal defense against unlawful use of a weapon charges when they use a gun to defend themselves against someone who violates an order of protection. (SB 604);
  • Obama’s loyalty to his fellow Chicago Democrats trumped education. In 2003, he voted to cut higher education funding by more than $170 million, a reduction of almost 6 percent (HB 2671).

Note and Disclaimer: I am not in the employ of any campaign. I do this on my own time because I believe it is important for the voters to know the truth about a candidate’s record. If you notice errors of fact, please respond in the comments section. I will check out your points and if you are correct, I will make changes to the document.

In addition, please be aware that because of time limitations, this is a work in progress. More information will be added as I have the time to do research.


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