Old Elephant has moved to www.oldelephantblog.com. Also, please visit my photo website at www.unfocusedmg.com. Thanks.

A quick overview

Old Elephant Blog is comprised of the random and sometimes – but not always – insightful musings of an old political war elephant. It would be great if somewhere, someplace, sometime, someone actually reads it.I’m glad you are here.

Even though you are in the wrong place (I’ve moved to www.oldelephantblog.com) I’ve tried to make it easy for you to get to the new site.
In the meantime, give me a minute or two to tell you about Old Elephant. Maybe you’ll like it or maybe you’ll never want to visit again. But, spending a few minutes here might help you decide.

Let’s start with why it even exists and what you might find here. In a very convoluted way, this is an outgrowth of my photo website: unfocusedmg.com. Although you won’t fnd much in the way of my photographs on this site. For that, you’ll need to visit the other site.

One of my interests/passions is photography and I developed unfocusedmg.com to explore that interest. But, as the title suggests, my life and interests are more than little unfocused. I’ve spent most of my life writing and helping elected officials communicate. That’s how I’ve managed to earn a living and I’ve done pretty well at it. It’s clearly a passion as well and so, I decided to re-launch a blog site that I had started a couple of years ago, which is this Old Elephant Blog.

Great Thoughts

Most of my posts tend to fall into about four major categories. Like most blog sites I have my own opinions on current events and I like to express them whether or not anyone else cares. If you are interested in what I think, you’ll find my great thoughts under the Great Thoughts category. If you enjoy it, wonderful. If not…well they are free and worth every penny. In addition there are three other main categories:

Read This

Read This identifies articles that I find thought-provoking. I try to avoid “talking points” and instead focus on things that will get readers to think beyond the simplistic and look at issues from a different and more considered perspective.

Buy This

Buy This is my product review section. I’m a consumer and when I find products I like, I believe in sharing that information with people. I don’t accept payment or sponsorships. It’s not that I have that much integrity, it’s just that no one is offering and I don’t see any real prospect for being offered big bucks to endorse a product so the four or five people reading my blog will be influenced by my choices.

Watch This

Watch This is my movie and television review section. I see a lot of movies and I’m willing to offer my two-cents worth. Again, like every other opinion on this site, it’s free and worth it. If you’re looking for something to watch, check my recommendations. Once you know my tastes, you know whether to follow by suggestions or avoid them like the plague.


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